“If It’s Good for the Goose, It’s Good for the Gander.”

IS what’s good for the goose as good for the gander? I read California is ready to , or already , declared some coffees may carry some cancer risk. The article states that groups, including the American Cancer Society, want more research. Agreed. I recall reading population studies showing a cancer benefit. Wouldn’t that be nice? The cancer piece was only an editorial and short on details, but to my recollection the scientific details shown match rather well to what drug companies end up finding about their drugs (lab animal studies at doses far in excess of expected human drug level exposures) and are required to include in prescription labeling and voice warnings for on those TV commercials. To me it’s just a Goose AND Gander situation and someone is simply shooting for consistency. Agreed. Fill the void between science and reason and stick with the program. We all want a new drug, one that won’t make us sick. In the meantime, as clinicians, we await it’s coming and walk forward in march in step reducing mixed messaging and improving health literacy.


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