Watching and waiting…..

The last two weeks I’ve listened to sermons on Waiting on the Lord, the importance of it, the why’s and why nots. Out of curiosity, i searched the bible for that phrase and 33 citations came up. What i found both interesting and uplifting included the fact yes we are often waiting, sometimes impatiently, obediently or by His instruction , ….. AND God is often waiting too. He is waiting on us to gain the wisdom he desires of us, he is waiting for the right time to bless us with the best things we need to move forward from a situation, to be gracious, to be merciful to us. To answer our fervent and faithful prayers. While we are never deserving of His favour, we need only to acknowledge His son died for us so that we could enjoy eternal salvation and the lives we live today, knowing that through our faith and patience, we will constantly see the goodness of the Lord. Here, now, today! He is more patient and loving than we can ever imagine. We must be patient about His patience; not try to get ahead of His plans for us. When we’re able to do that, our desires and this world’s perspectives and peculiar behaviors will appear childlike in comparison. And we will enjoy His peace.

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