“I finally learned to stop lighting myself on fire to keep other people warm”

It saddens me to see, hear or feel someone’s (or my own) sufferings. It saddens me to see, hear or feel someone’s (or my own) sufferings which then hurts another. Sometimes I’m sad when I think I see someone who suffers but I feel shouldn’t have to but instead they feel dutiful to carrying a large burden for another. There are so many variations to suffering. And healing. In all these instances, when I recognize I am suffering, I refocus and “Let Go, Let God.” It can be very hard at times. There’s a direct curating with the degree of suffering and reaching the freedom from It. It sometimes challenges my faith, impassioning a need for an increase. Its easy when things are going easily in our lives. When things aren’t, not so much. We should be glad that God has put that onus on us, and for others in all these ways and more. Once I refocus on Him most of the time I find myself again glad for my trials. Glad for your trials . Glad for my difficult discussions. Glad for your difficult discussions. Glad for our difficult discussions. God has a plan that is far beyond our comprehension. This is how the potter is shaping us. He is patient as well we should be. We have the choice to take his help and lean less on our mortal understandings. To cease striving, know that He is God.

(Title quote from The Laws of Attraction FB page)


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