The Peace Available to Us.

A lifelong dear friend left me a VM yesterday asking me to call her. Though she’s in a very difficult time in her life, she shared a wonderful and gentle story which might leave some of us wanting. Her Mom is slowly dying. And the beauty of it is that both of them are anything but sorrowful over it. I’ve met her Mom. A beautiful soul who exudes kindness in every word. I hear she feels she’s “lived a good life” and I think they both feel the same way . In a separate conversation, a mutual friend talked with her Mom and spent time with her prayerfully. The friend reminded her Mom of all she would experience in afterlife including seeing her brother again. (He passed several years ago. ) And her Mom’s face lit up like a christmas tree!!! “OH, YES!” she exclaimed with a great smile on her face. And my friend too expressed a similar peace; peace having enjoyed the loving togetherness only a mother and daughter can understand. At Peace with her Mother’s upcoming end of days here;. that what had to be done for her Mom up to today she provided lovingly and willingly. And she’s in the same place as her Mom about what their tomorrow’s will look like.

Here’s what I think is the most important part of this story: Both my friend and her Mom’s faith provides them the peace which that same faith offers every believer when we’re “all in”. And that peace is not only available on our deathbed.

But we DO have to be “all in” for that Peace to be durable moving forward. As we approach Easter we are reminded through this real life blessing what’s needed here: we need to die away from this world and know where our real home is with God, and we must believe that Jesus died and rose again for our salvation, removing all sin and affording the freedom to focus entirely on Him. When we believe that, then His Grace IS sufficient and we can live TODAY in the peace he left us, the peace he gave us, long before our the end of days here become our own personal reality.

” But now I come to You and these things I speak in the world so that they may have my joy made full in themselves”

– John 7:13 NASB


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